Paul Norrington

is a life-long, second generation resident of North Lawndale. He is the president of his block club, founder of the K-Town Historic District Association, the North Lawndale Presidential Library Committee, and the North Lawndale Sesquicentennial Committee


Peter Alter

is the Chicago History Museum’s Historian and Director, Studs Terkel Center for Oral History. He has worked at the Museum for over nineteen years and holds a Ph.D. in United States and Balkan history from the University of Arizona


Audrey Dunford

is a life long resident of North Lawndale, a Trained Circle Keeper and a Paralegal. She is a member of the Local School Council at Crown Community Academy and a Steering Committee Member on the North Lawndale Community Coordinating Council. In 2017 she began working as a Circle Keeper for the Restorative Justice Community Court in North Lawndale. She is rooted in community and loves helping people live better lives. In her spare time she loves to create clothes and other fashionable items.